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Action, Horror, Thriller
Size: 500MB
Language: Hindi + Telugu
Release date: 26 January 2018 (India)
Director: G. Ashok
Featured song: Mandhaara
Music director: S. Thaman
Writer: Ashok G. (as Ashok)
Stars: Anushka Shetty, Rajitha, Jayaram

The movie starts offevolved with Eshwar Prasad, the house minister of Hyderabad who vows to renounce from his publish if the authorities fails to get better idols which were stolen over a period of six months. This troubles his political opponents, who forge a plan to break his credibility with the help of CBI Joint Director Vaishnavi Natarajan and Assistant Commissioner of Police Sampath.

The of them plan to interrogate district collector Chanchala Reddy, a near confidante of Eshwar, who is in prison for murdering her fiancé Shakthi, who changed into Sampath’s brother. To keep away from attention, they shift her to Bhaagamathie Bungalow, a dilapidated, supposedly haunted house within the outskirts of a village, for the interrogation. The CBI query Chanchala to get some clues in opposition to Eshwar, but she repeats that he is a great guy, and that they may be doubting his integrity without any proof in a cryptic but main way.

Later that night, the spirit of Bhaagamathie, the Queen of the house before independence, takes control of Chanchala. The CBI team calls upon a psychiatrist to research the problem, who concludes that Chanchala need to be schizophrenic as she seems to tackle a one of a kind personality and narrate some story from a e-book as though it had been her personal. He indicates that the CBI dedicate her to an asylum. However, Sampath suspects that this might be a ploy through her to get away and arranges for a spiritual guru to discover if there’s paranormal interest. The guru indicates some signs. Later, Sampath discovers that those indicators to signify the presence of ghosts inside the bungalow. He additionally finds Chanchala hurting herself below the affect of the ghost. This leads to Sampath taking Chanchala to a intellectual health facility.

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