Jeepers Creepers 3 (2017) Hindi English Movie Download 1080p HDRip

Jeepers Creepers 3

Jeepers Creepers 3 Hindi English Movie Download 1080p

Size: 1.6GB
Language: Hindi + English
Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Initial release: 26 September 2017 (USA)
Director: Victor Salva
Production company: Myriad Pictures
Producers: Victor Salva, Michael Ohoven, Jake Seal

The third installment in the Jeepers Creepers film series, Jeepers Creepers 3 is a 2017 American horror movie written and directed by Victor Salva. It takes place between Jeepers Creepers and Jeepers Creepers 2. As The Creeper, Jonathan Breck returns. Gina Philips makes her first appearance in the series since the first movie in a cameo as Trish Jenner. The movie, which was initially advertised as playing in theaters for just one night only, debuted on September 26, 2017, before playing again on October 4.

The Creeper’s vehicle is full with dead bodies when the police find it, but the truck is booby-trapped with spikes. This discovery occurs one day after the events of the first movie. Sergeant Davis Tubbs is informed of the Creeper’s whereabouts and its intentions by Sheriff Dan Tashtego when he arrives. When they find out that the Creeper’s truck is being impounded, they scramble to get it back. The Creeper kidnaps Frank while he is being transported in the car with Deputy Lang.

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