Mr. Pregnant 2023 Hindi Tamil Kannada Malayalam Full Movies 1080p

Mr. Pregnant 2023 Hindi

Mr. Pregnant 2023 Hindi Tamil Kannada Malayalam Full Movies 1080p

Size: 3GB
Language: Hindi + Tamil + Kannada + Malayalam
Quality : BluRay / 1080p
Initial release: 18 August 2023
Director: Srinivas Vinjanampati
Producers: Appi Reddy, Venkat Annapareddy, Ravireddy Sajjala
Box office: est. ₹4.6 crore (4 days)
Music by: Shravan Bharadwaj

“Overall, Mr. Pregnant is an emotional drama that resonates to some extent,” a 123telugu critic remarked. The performances of Sohel and Roopa, combined with Brahmaji’s humor, are superb. According to a Times of India critic, “Mr. Pregnant is an experimental film that bravely explores a novel topic. Highlights include Syed Sohel’s performance, which is interspersed with humorous and profound emotional moments.

“The novelty of the story keeps the proceedings worth looking out for,” a Cinema Express critic remarked. However, it is evident what kind of movie you are getting when you watch Sohel, who is fully pregnant, beat up men twice in the movie.” “Overall, Mr. Pregnant has an engaging storyline and good emotions that will connect with everyone,” an OTTplay critic stated. However, it gets off to a pretty uninteresting start with a dull love story and hero-villain encounters. Sakshi Post critic “Watch it only for the new idea and Sohel’s performance” said as much.

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