Quicksand 2023 Hindi English Tamil Telugu Movies 1080p

Quicksand 2023

Quicksand 2023 Hindi English Tamil Telugu Movies 1080p

Size: 2GB
Language: Hindi + English + Telugu + Tamil
Quality : HDRip / 1080p
Initial release: 8 January 2003
Director: John Mackenzie
Initial DVD release: 8 January 2003 (Sweden)
Distributed by: Artisan Entertainment, First Look Studios
Music by: Anthony Marinelli
Produced by: Jim Reeve; Geoffrey Reeve; Randy Lippert (United States); Bernard Mazauric (France)

An American bank inspector named Martin Raikes is dispatched to Monaco to look into the dubious financial transactions of a film production. Martin, a divorced man, will fly to London to see his daughter after the work trip.

Lela Forin, the CFO of the production business, welcomes Martin and brings him to Jake Mellows, the film’s starring man and a retired action star.

Martin, though, gets the impression that something is wrong with the production. Unfortunately, he pokes his nose a little too far and is quickly viewed as a threat by the corrupt bankrollers. A massive bribe is initially offered to Martin, but he declines it. It comes out that Oleg Butraskaya’s Russian mafia is the funding source.

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