The Kashmir Files Unreported 2023 Season 1 Hindi Tamil Telugu 1080p WEB-DL

The Kashmir Files Unreported 2023

The Kashmir Files Unreported 2023 Season 1 Hindi Tamil Telugu 1080p

Size: 3GB
Language: Hindi + Telugu + Tamil
Quality : WEB-DL / 1080p
Creators Vivek AgnihotriPallavi Joshi
Stars Vivek AgnihotriPallavi Joshi

The Kashmir Files Unreported includes accounts from the Kashmiri Pundits (KPs) who have been murdered throughout the years, and it also examines the geopolitical, ethnic, and sectarian forces that have had a significant impact on Kashmir and its inhabitants.

When “The Kashmir Files” was revealed, it became the topic of discussion due to its frank depiction of atrocities committed against Kashmiri pundits approximately thirty years prior that were ostensibly covered up as a mass migration. Those who survived to tell the tale claim they were made homeless by a brutal genocide.

As they travel to interview one of the Kashmir massacre victims who is currently residing in the UK, filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri and his actress wife Pallavi Joshi, who is also the series producer, start their episodic journey in this episode. These victims tell one after another about their misery and suffering, how they were ejected from their homes, and how they witnessed the murder of a loved one.

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